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Dear Artists,


the world needs solutions and is ready and willing to listen.
Remember the impact of Woodstock?
We started a new movement „Songs of Substance”!
This is a wakeup call to remind us, the artists, that we have the skills, tools and independence to contribute to make a change.
Imagine playing a five-year old a song with an amazing hip-hop beat and listening to the lyrics of Greta Thunberg rapping her message.
It is time to raise the bar and expand the music content.
Society won´t see any progress if sexism and populist thinking (to name a few) continues to hold commercial value.
Our purpose is to re-educate ourselves and transform what has been accepted as societal norms.
We must take the step to bestow the right values onto future generations.
Consider this for a moment; WE stopped writing „those songs” with powerful and deep messages, WE allowed the entertainment industry to decide what music had commercial value or not.
This statement is not against music for our entertainment, but a reminder that there is much more to evolve and more to discuss when change is needed.

Join us!

The collective Artists launch started on the 10th of December 2019, also recognized as Human Rights Day.
Share this message with those artists wanting to demonstrate courage and to take an active part in this movement.
Without a doubt; whatever you contribute will remain yours!

We are here for your questions, don´t hesitate to contact us (see the formular below).

With our visual logo (SOS) we can connect and let the whole world bear witness with us.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to change the music game and to see as many Songs of Substance on the map as possible.
So we challenge you to be part of the revolution. Humans write music.

Always in Music,

Jocelyn B.Smith and the students from the Bachelor program Music Production of the Hochschule der Populären Künste /University of Applied Sciences Berlin Germany.


We are the ones we´re waiting for.

– Native American proverb / June Jordan

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